Asset Management Software (Asset Performer)
Based on the success of its predecessor Asset Manager, which has already sold over a thousand copies, this latest version incorporates all the day-to-day needs of managing assets.

Benefits include…

●    Improved asset visibility over who has what where, and for how long.
●    Default views and user defined data tables.
●    Fast point and click data entry, multiple database creation.
●    Search and filter capabilities, tracks live, missing, and disposed property.
●    Compatible with both barcode and microchip identification systems
●    Standard or customised reports, and improved audit trails.
●    Software licence management
●    Theft deterrence and recovery of stolen property through covert proof of ownership
●    Can import existing whole asset registers, and sequential numbering systems
●    Promotes up to date values, accurate sums insured, and potential for improved terms.
●    Creates maintenance logs, PAT test records, and depreciation management
●    No expensive contracting costs or training needs.
●    Full built-in user guide.
●    Integrated barcode module available for automatic auditing
Compared with spread sheets, Asset Performer…

●    Can contain multiple products (databases) in the same program.
●    Has predesigned formats (views), which can be easily customised.
●    Is integrated with barcode and radio frequency microchip scanners.
●    Contains depreciation routines.
●    Tracks the change history for every field belonging to an asset.
●    Allows sorting and filtering via simple mouse clicks.
●    Is networkable (many people can share the same data).
●    Allows simple import from and export to other programs.
●    Has in-built security.
●    Contains a menu of all the common asset description fields, which you are likely
to need.
●    Will build lists from existing data to save typing when adding similar asset



If you can answer these questions
accurately in a couple of mouse clicks.…

1. What percentage of your assets are missing?
2. Where are the items due for servicing next
3. Is IT depreciation and purchasing
consistent with your insurance policy limits?
4. Are you in breach of your software licences?
5. How much did you spend on new assets in
excess of N10,000,000 last September?
6. Can you show how much equipment
downtime you are incurring compared with
this time last year?
7. Can you track how equipment moves
between different locations?
8. Can you filter out data you don’t need?
9. Do you have an accurate account (value and
number) of your assets for insurance purpose
10. How accurate was your last physical inventory
and what costs did you incur to complete it?
11. Can you confidently release figures to your
shareholders or investors indicating the value
of your fixed asset base? are obviously in control of your
property, and using Asset Performer
Clients already include:

*The South Staffordshire Group
*Sporting Index
*NFU Mutual Insurance
*Borders and Lothian Police
*Telford College

*Surrey Ambulance
*Sussex University
*Exeter City council
*Millennium Seed Bank
*Medway Council
*Lottery provider UK Sport
*Newport Networks
*Birmingham Chamber of Commerce
*Selectamark Security Systems.
*AMI The Advance Group
It is being implemented for Nestle Nigeria Plc and It is also being considered by Adidas, Invesco, Goldman Sachs, Gartmore, and Glaxo Smith Kline in Europe and  Bond Bank, Stanbic Bank, Citizen Bank, Mweb, MTN and NBC in Nigeria.


Point and Scan Technology Makes Asset Security and Audit Easier
The revolutionary FLIC LASER MEMORY SCANNER Consumer Memory Scanner
builds client confidence by making electronic asset identification the ultimate in speed, convenience, and accuracy. The world leader in automated data management, Symbol created an easy-to-use, bar code data capture system that takes the drudgery out of the continual hunt for missing property.
Asset management is easy with the FLIC LASER MEMORY SCANNER, the lightest
battery-operated consumer bar code scanner available today. Small enough to slip into a pocket, this innovative portable bar code scanner makes short work of the longest property list. Appointed personnel simply point the FLIC LASER MEMORY SCANNER at the bar code on the room doorway or personnel tag to specify the location, then press the large button conveniently located within thumb's reach. Items within the premises are then scanned to confirm their presence, or missing, or relocated to other areas, as each room or building is audited. The item is automatically added to the electronic list that is stored in the memory of the FLIC LASER MEMORY SCANNER . Crossing items off the list is easy, too. Clients simply scan the bar code on the item they wish to remove, press the delete button and the item is erased. The thoughtful design even features a lock-out function, so items cannot be added or deleted accidentally.

Powered by two AAA batteries, the FLIC LASER MEMORY SCANNER works anywhere. Use it to scan the bar codes on computers and other assets,
or from a pre-printed list. The FLIC LASER MEMORY SCANNER reads the information in the bar code and adds the item to an electronic shopping list stored in memory. The FLIC LASER MEMORY SCANNER has a generous memory that stores the information encoded in up to 500

Confirming the whereabouts of your inventory is amazingly simple. Scan the bar codes to build the electronic audit, then place the FLIC LASER MEMORY SCANNER in its cradle attached to a PC's serial port. A click of a mouse button, and the check result is on its way. An electronic serial number built into the scanner authenticates the procedure, and a date and time is added to your master database.
Better data, better service
Time-pressed clients will find electronic auditing a real pleasure. Printing off forms for check lists will be unnecessary. Reliable and simple to use, the FLIC LASER MEMORY SCANNER will delight customers who regularly track large numbers of items, purchasing departments, insurance managers, internal auditors, office machine technicians, office managers and contractors.Application developers and system integrators will appreciate the versatility of industry proven scanning technology from Symbol Technologies. The FLIC LASER MEMORY SCANNER can read Code 128, Code 39, and UPC/EAN/JAN, Coupon Code, I 2 of 5, and D 2 of 5 symbologies and has enough extra memory for a small database or several special functions.

Bar Codes Supported UPC/EAN/JAN, Code 39, Code 128 (inquire for additional symbologies)
Minimum X Dimension 10 mil (0.25 mm); 7.5 mil (0.19mm) with reduced depth of field
Depth of Field 2.5 in to 5.5 in distance for 10 mil; 2.5 in to 6 in for 13 mil; 3 in to 7 in for 17 mil
Memory Capacity About 500 UPC–A codes with time stamp “on”, about 615 UPC–A codes with time stamp “off” – non-volatile memory

RS-232 compatible in tethered mode; Baud Rate: 4800, 9600 User Selectable; Data Bits: 8, Parity; None, Stop Bits: 2; Flow Control: None, Half Duplex; Compatible with most existing scanners; Powerful XML interface for web-based applications. Can Interface also be used as a tethered scanner.
Auto-upload Automatically uploads data when connected to host computer.
Docking Station/Cable DB9 or USB (optional) to stereo plug cables; DB9 or USB to docking station
LED Indicator Indicates “Good Scan”, “Memory Full”, blinks while uploading
Audible Indicator Indicates “Good Scan”, “Memory Full”, “Upload Complete” - can be disabled

Dimensions Length: 4.5 inches; Width: 2 inches; Height: 1 inch; Weight: 2.5 oz (3.7 oz with batteries)
Operating Temperature 0º to 35º C
Storage Temperature -40º to 70º C
Light Source 650nm Laser Diode
Ambient Light Artificial - Will scan in ambient light up to 100 fc Sunlight - Will scan in ambient light
up to 700 fc
Power 3 AAA alkaline batteries (fresh) deliver 20,000+ scans in 12 months.
Complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to laser notice no. 50,
dated July 26, 2001;
Regulatory Compliance Class 1 Laser Product
Accessories Docking station, Universal Holster; Protective Boot
Order number HS 2121-MV

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